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10 Questions with Ashleigh Vayda!

Not only does World Class Canadian Wrestling bring you the best in Professional Wrestling on a monthly basis, but we also have our sites on the best in Ladies competition as well!  

Recently, the First Lady of World Class Canadian Wrestling(literally!), Ashleigh Vayda was kind enough to sit down with's webmaster, Big Mike Watters to give her opinion on the state of WCCW, her thoughts on some WCCW All-Stars, what she is up to, and when we can expect to see her debut in the ring!

Big Mike:  "Ashleigh...thank you for speaking with   Let me be the first to say we await your debut in a WCCW much longer do you think we'll be waiting?"
Vayda: "Hello, Mike...for those who do not know, I am pregnant which is why I have not been wrestling lately.  I am looking at least a year before my return to the ring, but I WILL RETURN."
Big Mike: "That's good news...and congrats!   When we do finally see you in the ring, who would you like your 1st opponent to be, ideally?"
Vayda: "That doesn't long as they are the best and can give me 100 percent in the ring. I love competition and know I can get it in WCCW."

Ashleigh Vayda shoots the leg

Big Mike: "How do you think the fans of Pro Wrestling are taking to the World Class Canadian Wrestling product?"
Vayda: "Its what they want...Pro Wrestling as opposed to sports entertainment."
Big Mike: "Some independent wrestling sites on the Internet have been praising World Class Canadian Wrestling for putting on shows that truly surprise a good way.   What is WCCW doing differently?"
Vayda: "Experience in the office from talent relations to bookings...true knowledge and experience. As well as my "maternity leave" which has been office duties, I have seen nothing but the best in the office from Jason (head of talent relations) to PJ (Director of service operations) it is all the best. And may I say you are doing a fabulous job on the website!
Big Mike: "Aw shucks...let's move on to some current events...word on the street says that you had some insight into the goings on during the tour of Europe some of our WCCW All-Stars did last month.   Specifically...what exactly happened to make Blackjack Phoenix see the light, from a wrestler's perspective?"
Vayda: "Well, Blackjack always took pride on being the best in North America, and he found some down right tough competition in Europe and England.  One evening he hurt his shoulder and still was able to regain the WCCW North American title from Paul Tyrell.  Instead of giving him medical attention, the promoters threw Phoenix out into a back alley to fend for himself.  They were upset he was able to regain the belt despite the circumstances. What Blackjack said happened next was amazing and a moment he will never forget.  Club Carnage member Lance Malibu was with Blackjack that night and did NOTHING to help him.  But you know who did...the FANS! The same fans that boo'd him moments earlier  saw the passion and desire to be the best in the World and THAT picked up Blackjack...encouraged him to continue on the tour and gave him the support needed to finish the schedule. He was truly touched by the fans reaction!"
Big Mike: "That's stunning.   I've known Blackjack for awhile now.   He's a hard's awesome to see that he has embraced the fans, and I know his hard hitting style will serve them up some quality bouts in the future.  Speaking of future...Quinson Valentino is now the North American Champion.   What is your opinion of him?"
Vayda: "Same as the rest of the locker room's, gross, cheezy and did I mention shady?  VERY SHADY! Blackjack said he reminded him of a mixture between Snidley Whiplash and a gay pirate!"
Big Mike: "Do you think this new alliance of Jimmy Olsen, Rex Atkins and Chris Laplante will stick?   Can they trust Blackjack Phoenix?
Vayda: "I believe so...It may take awhile to click but they are the guys that could take on and defeat Club Carnage."
Big Mike: "What do you think about this newcomer Deacon?   He really showed Ryot something I don't think the Unholy One has seen before."
Vayda: "Im not sure, nothing is really known at this point. My faith is in Ryot...yeah, he's not completely invincible...but he's as close as humanly possible!"
Click to see Ashleigh Vayda in action vs. Cherry Bomb!  Courtesy of YouTube and OSPW
Big Mike: "Word association time!   Just say the first thing that pops into your head...(Ms. Vayda's answers in BOLD CAPS)
WCCW -  Pro Wrestling   Professional Wrestling Fans - The reason we beat ourselves up!   Sports Entertainment - NOT pro wrestling  Blackjack Phoenix - desire   Club Carnage - scared  Brodie Lee - an asset to any faction   The Internet - killed pro wrestling, but it gives me all the spoilers for grey's anatomy!   The Fabulous Moolah - pioneer
Big Mike: "Thanks for your time, Ms. more question...  ***Does best Joey Tribiani imitation*** How YOU doin'? "
Vayda: ***no sells Big Mike***"I'm doin?   How you doin'?"
Be sure to join Ashleigh and the rest of the WCCW All-Stars at the Crystal-Ridge Community Center in December to see if Club Carnage continues to run roughshod over World Class Canadian Wrestling! Wishes the Bruiser Well!

The Bruiser! It has come to the attention of the Staff of that the Voice of World Class Canadian Wrestling, Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso will be going under the knife for a minor surgery to correct a nagging issue.

His health, while not CRITICAL, has declined in the past few weeks, and this surgery hopes to once and for all correct the problem.   The Bruiser had been putting it off, however, it became too much, and he decided to fix it.

The staff of, Management, Wrestlers and Fans of World Class Canadian Wrestling wish nothing but the best and a speedy recovery to Joey, and we'll see you at ringside in December!!!

BLACK AND BLUE....TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Click the image to visit Joey's Myspace and wish him well!

Quinson Valentino is new North American Champion...Phoenix sees the light


New WCCW Champion Quinson Valentino of Club Carnage

  We here at are STUNNED at the goings on of last Friday's card at the Crystal-Ridge Community Center as we crowned a NEW North American Heavyweight Champion in Club Carnage's Quinson Valentino...and the injury of former champion, and man with a new attitude, Blackjack Phoenix.

Club Carnage decided that the events of the past month in Europe, which prophetically began with Phoenix starting the tour in Europe with matches against Carnage member Lance Malibu...they decided the North American Title was more important than maintaining their relationship with the Champion, and Blackjack was unceremoniously kicked out of Club Carnage by the upstart vet Valentino.  Quinson, with assistance from WCCW Minority Stock Holder, Xavier Sterling, announced also that due to injuries sustained in Europe, WCCW was stripping Phoenix of the title!

None of this sat  well with the Champion, as Phoenix made his way to the ring...and in perhaps a bigger shocker than his removal as Champion...Blackjack told everyone that while in Europe, he was on the losing end of some matches, losing and regaining his N.A. Title...and realized it wasn't his allies in Club Carnage who were concerned for him...but the fans!   Phoenix proclaimed his new found respect for the WCCW crowd, and fans of Professional Wrestling everywhere, and informed Sterling, Valentino, Szili, and the rest of Club Carnage they would have to KILL HIM to take his belt!

Club Carnage jumped the wounded Phoenix, targeting his shoulder...and drove him into the steel ringpost, further dislocating the injured shoulder!   What followed was both heroic and horrific as Phoenix, already in pain, slammed his own shoulder into the ground to pop it back in...ringside witnesses say Phoenix nearly passed out from the pain.

Before more damage could be done by Club Carnage, local boy Rex Atkins, and All-Star Jimmy Jam Olsen, along with "Go-Time" Chris Laplante ran in to drive off the villains, saving the now former champion from further injury.   Phoenix was immediately rushed to the hospital, and a 4 man tourney was announced to crown the new champion, which was eventually won by Quinson Valentino.

What will happen next?   Where was Brodie Lee?   With whom will his allegiance lie when he gets his due shot at the Title???



Can Brodie Lee take advantage of a distracted Champion?

Brodie Lee
World Class Canadian Wrestling is bringing exciting PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING action to the Crystal-Ridge Community Center tomorrow night, Friday November 2nd, with a headliner not to be missed!

WCCW North American Heavyweight Champion Blackjack Phoenix, fresh from a tour of the United Kingdom, where he defended both the OSPW Heavyweight and WCCW titles, and in fact LOST both titles to British veteran Paul Tyrell on September 9th. before regaining the WCCW title back...turning back challenges also from Rocker Richards, Steve Morocco and Citizen Smith along the way.   Add to that some work with professional wrestling students in Luton, England, and 2 dates with World Wrestling Entertainment AND winning the BOBW National the big man from Denton, Texas ready to take on the powerhouse Brodie Lee...number one contender as of Chaos at Crystal Beach, having survived the crazy Tornado Tag match to earn this shot?

Find out tomorrow at the Crystal-Ridge Center in Ridgeway, with a bell time of 8PM.   The All-Stars of WCCW will be there, including the debut of DEACON and Voice of WCCW Joey "The Bruiser" Tenebruso!

 Tickets are still available!

World Wrestling Entertainment working with WCCW All-Stars

World Class Canadian Wrestling is proud to announce that the North American Champion, Blackjack Phoenix, plus others, are slated to work both the RAW and SMACKDOWN! taping in the United Kingdom, to be aired next week Monday, October 15th on The Score in Canada, and on the USA Network in the United States.  

It is unknown as to what Phoenix will be doing on the card, but suffice to say that both he and all of WCCW is proud and he is ready to impress WWE officials.    This is not Phoenix's first dance, and we at wish him all the best!

The Score can be found on BellExpressVu channel 410 or on Star Choice channel 403 in Canada, and the USA Network is on DirecTV channel 242, Dish Network channel 105, or on C-Band Galaxy 14-Channel 19.   Both Networks are also carried by local cable companies...check your local listings for time and channel.

Club Carnage EXPLODES in the United Kingdom is just getting word from the wire services in the United Kingdom where WCCW All-Stars Lance Malibu and the North American Champion Blackjack Phoenix are touring in advance of an appearance for World Wrestling Entertainment as they tape RAW and SMACKDOWN! on October 15th and 16th in Birmingham, England.

Mailbu and Phoenix were set to bring some serious carnage(pun intended) to the British wrestling world...but bookers unbeknownst to them had Malibu FACING Phoenix on the first night they were there!   

More on this breaking story as it unfolds!

Victory in Jolly Ole' England for Sexxxy Monkey

World Class Canadian Wrestling All-Star Sexxxy Monkey has just returned from England from a whirlwind world tour and confirmed a rumor sent in from a fan in the UK that he indeed has advanced to the next round in the WCCW J-Cup tournament, having turned back a worthy challenge from several British wrestlers to earn a spot in the tournament.

Monkey was originally scheduled to just be an observer for the evening...scouting talent both for himself, and WCCW, but an injury in the finals of that event thrust him into the Main Event, and the hopes of England crowning the J-Cup Champion were dashed when the cocky All-Star cruised to a surprise victory!

More on this developing story as it is available!


Blackjack Phoenix is your new WCCW North American Heavyweight Champion...and he was lucky to be able to say that at the end of the memorable night at the Crystal-Ridge Community Center last night.

Blackjack Phoenix was awarded the North American Title due Greg "The Hammer" Valentine's inability to defend the coveted strap.   The Hammer was unable to attend the card...more on the reasons why later...and WCCW had no choice but to award Phoenix the Gold in front of the disappointed fans at the Community Center.   Club Carnage was ELATED...they thought their night was over...until it was revealed that while Blackjack might have obtained the title easily, he would indeed NOT have the night off, as Greg Valentine's legendary tag team partner, and WWE icon, BRUTUS "THE BARBER" BEEFCAKE, stepped in to challenge the now defending Champion, Phoenix for the Gold!

And Lady Luck was once again on Blackjack's side as he escaped Beefcake, defeating him by disqualification to retain the North American Title.

Other results:
Dino and Pasquale Szili def The Good Ol' Country Boys (Eric Alexander and Cousin Cletus)
Retro Rex Atkins def Rip Impact
Ryot squashed IB Green and Shawn McMillan
Jimmy Jam Olsen def Chris Sabin
Quinson Valentino & Brodie Lee defeated Chris Laplante and Lance Malibu in a Crystal Beach Tornado Match.   Brodie Lee then beat Quinson Valentino to become #1 contender to the North American Title

Please revisit for a more detailed report of the Action in Ridgeway!

Dino  Szili will be at Chaos at Crystal Ridge on Friday, September 7th

From the Desk of "CEO" Schwartz:

As you may or may not know, Mr. Dino Szili was initially suspended from WCCW for conduct detrimental to the promotion. Specifically, it has been alleged that Mr. Szili, and members of his family were involved in an illegal bookmaking operation with ties to organized crime.

After his suspension, Mr. Szili made his way to WCCW offices and filed a petition for re-instatement. Mr. Szili has assured us that he is innocent of these charges.

World Class Canadian Wrestling  stands behind our All-Stars 100 percent, and thusly Mr. Szili HAS BEEN REINSTATED, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. 

If and when Mr. Szili is convicted of any crime, the WCCW Committee will re-evaluate his involvement with WCCW.  For now, Mr. Szili will be at the WCCW show on September 7th.

Thank you for supporting World Class Canadian Wrestling!


"CEO" Schwartz





JUST ANNOUNCED...TNA's Chris Sabin has been officially booked in a match vs. North American Sensation Jimmy Jam Olsen!!! Chris Sabin WILL BE at Chaos in Crystal Ridge, Friday, September 7th, and SO SHOULD YOU. Get your tickets NOW for this high flyin' Canadian Junior Heavyweight Cup semi-final matchup!   IT CANNOT BE MISSED! 


WCCW Fans,

The fans have demanded...the Board has spoken.   As of right now, all operations, both financial, legal and otherwise, have been handed over to me.   Xavier Sterling is no longer majority holder of WCCW stock and options as of this day, August 17th, 2007.   WCCW investors, All-Stars, staff, and fans can no longer stand for the way Mr. Sterling conducts himself, his business, and his Stable.   Mr. Sterling will retain a vote on the Board, however, he must and WILL ultimately answer to me.

In my first act as CEO of WCCW, I have put together a fabulous card of matches, including the continuation of the tournament to determine the winner of the Canadian Junior Heavyweight Cup, featuring the best Junior Heavyweight wrestlers Canada and the World has to offer.    WCCW will also feature a bout for the LEGITIMATE North American Heavyweight Championship, with the challenger Blackjack Phoenix taking on the Champion, Hall of Famer Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.   WCCW will go to great lengths to bring you, the fans of true Professional Wrestling, the finest talent Canada, the United States, Japan, Mexico and beyond has to offer.

WCCW is not about those two ugly words that begin with "S" and "E" more.   I vow to bring real Professional Wrestling back to our great Country of Canada, and I will spare no expense to that end.    Please join us on September 7th, 2007 at the Crystal-Ridge Community Center in Ridgeway, Ontario and witness the re-birth of Professional Wrestling in Canada!  We'll see YOU at Chaos at Crystal Ridge! 

I promise you will not be disappointed.


"CEO" Schwartz


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